PPGGO FMRP alumni survey – 50 years

Dear Alumni,

We would like to say that it is a great pleasure to contact you and have you as a graduate of the Graduate Program in Gynecology and Obstetrics of the FMRP-USP.

For our commitment to continuous improvement, we consider it important to know the profile of our graduates over the years. For this, we would like to invite you to answer this brief and objective questionnaire, with an estimated time of 5 minutes. Your answers are important not only to map the size and impact of the program on the lives of graduate professionals but also to guide our future steps.

We would like to thank you for your esteemed time and for all the effort and commitment you have dedicated or still have dedicated to this program.

You are a fundamental part of it!

USP ALUMNI Alumni is a platform created to bring together former undergraduate and graduate students from the University of São Paulo. Access: www.alumni.usp.br