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The candidate for postgraduate Ribeirão Preto Medical School should establish an early contact with the program of interest in order to define the research plan and advisor. For this you should consult with the program the research areas of the Graduate Program of interest and then contact the teachers responsible for verifying the possibility of orientation. Registration will be held at the Secretariat of the Programme, within the period established by the Graduate FMRP Commission.

We also recall that the English language proficiency of verification must be made before the selection examination (see information below), it is eliminatory requirement. Foreigners must also demonstrate proficiency in English, attested by CELPE-BRAS (, awarded by the MEC (Ministry of Education and Culture) and recognized by the Graduate Commission or as “STANDARDS COMMISSION OF GRADUATE MEDICAL SCHOOL OF BLACK-USP RIBEIRÃO”

This College, a master’s degree should be done in a maximum of three years and a doctorate in a maximum of four years. The courses are free.