PROGRAMA DE PÓS-GRADUAÇÃO EM GINECOLOGIA E OBSTETRÍCIA Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto Nota 6 na Capes



Our Program is geographically located in the southeastern region of the country, more precisely in the interior of the state of São Paulo, where three of the Programs in the area of ​​Gynecology and Obstetrics in the country are concentrated, the other three in the state capital of São Paulo, one in State of Minas Gerais and one in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, totaling 8 Programs. In the classification of Capes our Program belongs to Medicine III and was the second Program of the area created in the country, remaining with note 5 in the last three triennial evaluations of Capes.
The Postgraduate Program in Gynecology and Obstetrics was created in 1971, offering master’s degrees in academic, doctorate and postdoctoral studies. Its first graduates were in 1973 (four masters) and in 1974 it was the first doctor. Currently we count with 542 graduates of masters, doctorates and direct doctorates. In the last three years and in the last four years there has been a progressive increase in the number of places and increase of students enrolled in our Program. Most of these students and the majority of the first graduates returned to their home institutions, scattered throughout the country, where they develop teaching and research activities or remain as professors of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of FMRP / USP.
In 2003, the program, which was only offered to physicians specialized in gynecology and obstetrics, also offered vacancies to doctors of other specialties and non-doctors with the option of training in Reproductive Biology. In 2004, this new option corresponded to 8.33% of the enrollments in the courses and in 2016 this student profile became composed of 55% of the enrolled students. This training option for other professionals allowed the strengthening of lines of research in the multidisciplinary field, with bibliographical production in other areas, integration with teachers / researchers that started to form the examining boards and research partnerships in related areas. This group of students consists of physicians of other specialties, biologists, biomedical, physiotherapists, nutritionists, physical educators, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists and more rarely theologian, dentist and lawyer.
The program continuously seeks to meet the trends of the public and private scientific market, both in its curricular structure, as well as the mechanisms for insertion of its graduates in society, in the selection criteria in the Program, in the evaluation tools of the students during the course, The entire training process of post-graduate students.


General objective:
– Production of qualified and internationally recognized scientific research in the area of women’s health in its various aspects combined with the training of highly qualified researchers / teachers. To offer postgraduate students, teachers, graduates and the community a Postgraduate Program of national and international level of excellence.
Specific objectives:
– In the training of researchers / teachers we aim to qualify our graduates to present: critical scientific knowledge associated with research nucleation; Competency of insertion in Institution of Higher Education, with ability of teaching performance in its several faces of the academic knowledge; Ability to apply knowledge in the various sectors of the public health system aimed at society.
– In the production of scientific knowledge: to encourage that our projects are perfected for the practical application in the medical field, in the promotion and prevention in health; Have quality so that their results can be validated nationally and internationally; Are unprecedented and arouse the interest of national and international partners and stimulate the development of multicenter studies.

Capes Rating

CAPES (Commission for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel) is the body of the Ministry of Education responsible for the recognition and evaluation of stricto-sensu postgraduate courses (professional master’s, master’s and doctorate) at the national level. The process of evaluation of postgraduate courses carried out by CAPES is continuous. The course in operation should be evaluated every four years (starting in 2013) in order to verify that the goals proposed in the initial project were fully achieved under the Program. Otherwise, the Program may be de-accredited. Postgraduate courses are evaluated by the scientific production of faculty and students, the curricular structure of the course, the institution’s research infrastructure, and other indicators.
The Gynecology and Obstetrics program maintains the concept 5 in the last three triennies in the evaluation of Capes, a note that is attributed to courses of excellence at the national level.

Future Planning

The Program is consolidated in concept 5 in the last three triennial evaluations of Capes demonstrating stability and maturity in national excellence and at this moment.

Sheets Assessment Capes Concept
2007-2009 5
2010-2012 5